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Best Bee Brothers Pine Wood Carpenter Bee Box Trap

Best Bee Brothers

Do you love our carpenter bee traps but hate seeing the carpenter bees?  We hear you loud and clear! Our patented Bee Box Trap catches carpenter bees inside the trap in an easy empty container. 

Made entirely out of pinewood, carpenter bees are attracted to softwood, this trap discreetly catches the carpenter bees inside the body of the trap so you don’t see them!

Our revolutionary design INCREASES the effectiveness of the trap to catch MORE carpenter bees. The bottom cap has small aeration holes that are crucial for permitting sound and scent to pass through and attract more carpenter bees.

No more replacing bottles or jars, all you have to do is snap open the bottom to empty!

Product Features:

  • We recommend one trap per 15 ft radius of coverage
  • Funnel and receptacle placed inside the trap out of view
  • Bottom cap increases the potency of the trap by allowing sound and scent to pass through, attracting more carpenter bees
  • Made to handle exterior weather elements.  Bottom cap holes remove excess moisture to keep the interior dry
  • Low maintenance – no need to replace bottles!
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Trap Dimensions:  6.3” x 5.1” x 3.5”
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

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