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Bird Feeder, Squirrel Proof, Funnel Flip

Bird Feeder, Squirrel Proof, Funnel Flip

Nature's Way

Squirrel proof, funnel flip, top bird feeder, unique design creates a 50% wider opening with a built in funnel in the lid of the feeder for the easiest filling with less spill, with a spring system in the roof hinge, can be opened for filling with a 1 hand, built in baffle keeps squirrels off perches, collapsible perches don't allow squirrels to hang on feeder, patented baffle system separates seed into individual chambers & keeps seed at all levels for maximum bird viewing, 2 in 1 technology allows feeder to be used to feed a wider assortment of seed, thistle inserts included, easy clean technology allows all parts to be removed for cleaning without the use of tools, adequate port spacing allows for both large & small birds to feed comfortably, attracting a wider variety of birds.

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