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Chapin 8000A Spreader Promo 65 Pound


  • 65 lb capacity hopper with enclosed gear system
  • Adjustable gate with 30 gate settings
  • Adjustable gate with 30 gate settings
  • Impeller designed for even spread pattern

CHAPIN residential spreaders redefine what consumers expect from a spreader for home use. Built with SureSpread Technology, you can be assured of an even spread pattern and distribution of product. The 65 pound Lawn Spreader starter model has a 65 pound capacity hopper, powder coated steel frame, adjustable gate with 30 gate settings for seed and fertilizer and enclosed gears to withstand the elements. Long lasting durable finish powder coated steel frame. U-shaped handle for easy operation. Adjustable gate control for accurate spread settings. Rotary gate with agitator. 9 inches poly wheels roll easily over any surface. Enclosed acetal gears prevent debris i nterference.

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