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Miracle-Gro® Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes

Miracle Gro

Feeding your evergreen trees can help them be what evergreens should be: gorgeous, strong, and vibrantly coloured. Nourish them all season long with Miracle-Gro® Evergreen Plant Food Spikes 12-6-12. These spikes deliver essential nutrients above the soil, and feed beneficial microbes below the soil, too. The slow-release formula includes organic ingredients. Ready to use, there’s no mixing, measuring, or mess. For best results, use both Spring and Fall to fertilize evergreen trees. Seal and store unused spikes in a dry place.



1. Place plastic cap provided on top of spike.

2. Drive spike into ground around tree or shrub following the dripline.

3. Spikes should be at least 1 m (3 ft) apart. For small trees and shrubs with drip line closer than 60 cm (2 ft), insert spikes 60 cm (2 ft) away from center of shrub or tree trunk.

4. Remove plastic cap and save for future use.

5. Continue to drive spike 5 cm (2") below the soil surface.


Once per season (once in early spring, once in mid-fall). Apply when the ground is soft and moist. If the ground is dry, wet before driving spikes. Use on evergreen trees to fulfill special needs of these trees.


Use once each season - Spring and Fall

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