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We are currently running a Bird Seed Sale! Come on down and check out our huge selection of bird seeds!!
We are running a preseason sale on Premium Wood Stove Pellets! $199.00 per ton (picked up)!! We deliver locally for $20.00!!
Fall planting bulbs are already arriving!! Come in and check out our beautiful variety!

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Bird Feeding Tips for Fall

As the last heat wave of summer fades, bird feeders are disappearing from backyards. Most bird lovers assume that as the weather cools and mass migration sweeps in, their beloved winged friends don't need human assistance in finding food; they can forage for it themselves.

Don't Forget to Fertilize Your Lawn This Fall

Grass blades may be going dormant in late summer, but your lawn's roots are still developing and fall is the ideal time for fertilizing.

Special Announcements

  • When it comes to taking care of your lawn, fall presents one of the best opportunities throughout the year. First, the fall fertilizer application is the most important feeding you can give your lawn to help it withstand winter and prepare it for next spring. Learn more here.